Jackie Jack

Street photographer

From Hong Kong

Based in New York

Contact: hkfoot2000@gmail.com


Jackie is a graphic designer and a fine artist originally from Hong Kong and now lives in New York, he majored in Fine Art and earned a BFA degree from School of Visual Art, New York. As an immigrant, the political changes in his hometown (Hong Kong) makes him feels that the concept of home became more abstract. Jackie’s works primarily are themes of exploring the meaning of home and identity. In his work, he approaches the world around him as if he is an investigator studying the details of a crime scene in order to get a full picture of the event. He traces the details around him to get the picture of the world that he lives in and focuses on the moments that resonate his memories and uses them as a visual narrative to create a story based on his feeling of the present moment. Although they might not be Kodak moment materials, they are fragments that signify a moment of truth, an element that adds on to his existence.




Exposed in the light

When the light hammers the city, it creates an abstracted backdrop behind all existing fragile lives. The buildings, the streets, and the people are used as devices to expose the very raw and primal expression of the city. The contrast of the shadows depicts the solitary of the urban scene and makes a connection between human and the environment. 


By using a visual narrative to explore the connection between memories, identities, fear, tension, and solitary through places, people and things I've seen in the lens.

Tracing Memory

Tracing Memory is three years of work accumulations that narrate the story of my past and present. It is a series of work that brings back my childhood memories and to investigate how it influenced me as to who am I now. Memories transformed into symbols and repeatedly appeared in the photos subconsciously and they are the connections between memories, identities, fears, tensions, and solitary through places, people and objects I have seen through the lens.

Tracing Memory is a documentary of my daily life and surroundings, it is also a fiction that subtlety represents how I felt about the past and present. By arranging the sequence of photos, I found connections in between and it created a story.



"Stranger" is an ongoing project that narrates the feeling of my home (Hong Kong) that slowly became a strange place for me. After the city handover to China, things are changing daily from politics, culture, economic to moral values. It is like waves washing out the old memories and slowly replaced with new ones. Whether you like it or not, no one can stop this from happening. My childhood memories always are hints for me to find the faces of the city that I used to know and they often appears in the photos subconsciously. 


"Stranger" is not a documentary project but it is a fiction of how I feel about the city of the present and capture those moments
with the camera.


In between the light — Chinatown NYC

In this series of photographs, I tried to capture the daily atmospheres of the Chinatown community in New York City. The diverse cultural backgrounds in the neighborhood layered with the Chinese characters on store signs along with the chaotic crowds on the narrow streets to create a series of interesting collages.


My intention of creating these photographs is not only to reveal the insights of the cultural nature of the community. Meanwhile, I wanted to create a visual narrative supported by arranging elements in the frames, exaggerating the contrast of the shadows to emulate a theatrical moment to express the idea of the coexists between the community and the isolation of the immigrants.